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Era 15 BETA will end in.. 10 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours, 27 minutes and 29 seconds

Choose a race to join the game. Discord chat for all players. CLICK HERE.
Gather your troops to fight the coming horde! Come to the aid of your allies and destroy your enemies! Harness your strength and fight for your people! Use your might to spread evil throughout the land! Fulfill your oath, gather your fallen, and find final rest! Use the magic provided and stay hidden! Mischievous grotesque sprites are calling you!
Increase your wealth:
25% Attack Bonus
10% Sentry Bonus
Defend the high ground:
50% Defense Bonus
-10% Spy Bonus
Stealth is the key:
35% Spy Bonus
-15% Defense Bonus
Slay them all:
40% Attack Bonus
0% Defense Bonus
Army of the dead:
35% Sentry Bonus
-10% Attack Bonus
Let him go, you filth!:
30% Sentry Bonus
15% Defense Bonus
Become a Goblin King!:
10% Attack Bonus
20% Defense Bonus
-10% Spy Bonus

Era 15 BETA will end in.. 10 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours, 27 minutes and 29 seconds

KoC Memorial | Hall Of Fame | Hall Of Shame (0) | Inactives (0)
2023-08-05 04:08:21
Beta 15v2 has begun.

We have populated the game with 4,000 players which will help us with testing changes as we go.

  • Players will start with 10,000 Turns and 10,000 Experience
  • Battlefield has been populated with 4,000 accounts. These accounts have been given 50 SPM to help speed the game up.
  • PLayers signing up do not start with 50 SPM, you will have to build it yourself.

Need Hosting? You can host any game server on an Evolution Host Game VPS

2023-08-05 04:08:21
Beta 15 has been reset but hang with us Beta 15v2.0 will begin shortly.

We have populated the game with 4,000 players which will help us with testing changes as we go.

2023-03-05 04:19:18
Some changes/adjustments.


  • Spies/Sentry losses from sabotage has been reduced by 20%


  • Reduced minimum casualties by 5%
  • Reduced maximum casualties by 15%
  • Reduced Covert casualties by 10%
  • Reduced Sentry casualties by 10%


  • Reduced hostages taken by 15%
  • Added hostages taken on raids equal to 10% of what you take on attacks

Farm List page.

Farm List page has been changed from 1:10 Spy Vs Sentry for recons to 1:5 now. It has been updated on Farm List page (Ratio is 1:5 Spy:Sentry).

2023-03-04 23:09:02
Just a quick update.

Farm List page has been changed from 1:10 Spy Vs Sentry for recons to 1:5 now. It has been updated on Farm List page (Ratio is 1:5 Spy:Sentry).

2023-03-04 09:09:28
Here we go again, Beta_14 has started.

This Beta will be run as a prelude to Era 14. Everything has been reset to how Era 14 will start although some changes/adjustments will be added when Era 14 begins.

Era 14 will start next weekend, so you have a week to test out your strategy.

What has been added for this Beta:

  • SPM now costs Experience and has been moved to the Safe page, you will need to bank Experience to upgrade each level.
  • Vault has been implemented. You can read how it works below in the previous updates.
  • Everything has been reset in the game back to how Era 14 will start.
2023-03-04 08:51:19
Congrats to those that stuck out the crazy Beta, you helped shape how this Beta will play out.

We want to thank those who participated in the Beta.

Final Rankings have now been finalized and you can check where you finished below.

Congrats to the below for their effort in the Beta!! (Top 5)

  • In light of recent events Top 5 has been amended
  • God-
  • carriad
  • qils
  • Whyjustwhy
  • LuzinMyShet

Beta_13 Final Stats

2023-02-25 11:47:12
Lets recap what has been added to Beta this round in preparation for Era 14.

KoC now has a Vault. How does this Vault work you may ask.

  • Selling your entire armory/individual weapons/tools will now see 30% of your sell go to available funds/visible on battlefield and 70% will go directly to your Vault.
  • If you sell to do an upgrade the upgrade button will use gold from your available funds and your vault gold.
  • If you are selling to someone else, 30% of your sell will be available on the battlefield for anyone to steal, 70% goes directly to your vault.
  • Once your upgrades are all finalized or if you decide not to do any upgrades when you sell then you can rebuy weapons/tools with the gold in your vault. (remember when you sell each time you are subject to the KoC tax of 40% resale value on your weapons/tools.
  • Your current Vault gold will show under Safe gold in the box on the left side under Server Time.
  • Vault gold is displayed on the upgrade page under Available Funds.
  • Vault gold is displayed on the armory page under Available funds.
  • Buying weapons/tools on the armory page will use available funds and will distribute your funds how you have your armory prefill preferences set.
  • Amount of weapons/tools you can buy with Available funds/Vault gold is now displayed correctly.

Some fixes and quality of life changes have been added.

  • Clicking a players username on the Farm List page opens that players stats page in a new tab.
  • A counter has been added to the Farm List page so you can see how many you have added and how many slots you have left.
  • On a players stats page, the Add To Farm List button now changes to Remove From Farm List so you can now remove those you have added if they no longer feed your hunger for their gold. enjoy!!!!.
  • Ranking update time is now correct on battlefield page and also in the Previous/Next rankings update. No more negative minutes..
  • Repair All button now repairs partially with gold on hand so if you do not have enough gold for repairs you can repair with what you have.
  • Added the War Stats link to the War List page.
  • Added the War List page Remove all members of an alliance button.
  • Added the War List page First and Last page buttons, select page option to skip pages for alliances with large member base.
  • Soldiers per minute upgrades will now require Experience instead of gold.

Features added to Live only but Beta helped in making them possible in Live.

  • Command Center you will see Lost From Sabbing Today (number) | Last 7 Days. Click on Last 7 days to see your losses. enjoy!!!! or not lol.
  • Personal Stats Tracker added to your Command Center so you can see how you are doing.
  • Growth Tracker, track your growth via Growth Tracker link on your Command Center under Highest Rank.
  • Battlefield Analysis Report link on your Battlefield page. Get details on who you can do and who can't do you.
  • Owners of an alliance can use the webhook to their server channel on their alliance page to update Request recons. Once done all members of the alliance can request recons from a players stats page which will be shown in their alliance discord server.
  • Owners of an alliance can add a webhook to their server channel to their alliance page. Once done all members of the alliance can share targets via their alliance Discord Server. Also Just released on live. Owners of an alliance can use the webhook to their server channel on their alliance page to update Request recons. Once done all members of the alliance can request recons from a players stats page which will be shown in their alliance discord server.
2022-10-23 18:20:12
Welcome to our new Beta.

Here are the new changes to the new era.

Start Up:

  • 30,000 Turns.
  • 10m Gold.
  • 20,000 TFF.
  • 3 Race changes.
  • 3 Commander Changes.

Once everyone has had a chance to join the Beta I will give out some upgrades etc to help move the Beta along.

2022-10-01 07:18:22
Beta has ended

We want to thank those who participated in the Beta.

Final Rankings have now been finalized and you can check where you finished below.

Congrats to the below for their effort in the Beta!! (Top 5)

  • #1 Amityville
  • #2 JewsLostBeta
  • #3 cleone
  • #4 Amelio
  • #5 AngryOldGuy

Beta Final Stats

Beta Final Alliance Stats

  • Need Hosting? You can host any game server on an Evolution Host Game VPS

2022-04-30 11:14:07
Beta Hostage Logs.
  • Lost Weapons/Tools | Purchases Logs now also shows Hostage logs. You can now see where you lost your hostages when you were attacked.
  • Attack log now shows where you have taken hostages from the personnel of the player you attacked.
2022-04-25 03:37:41
Beta Maximum Spies To Sabotage.
  • Maximum Spies you can send on a sabotage mission has been reduced to 20, gotta help with losing those Tools.
2022-04-24 12:13:43
Beta Covert Skill & Sentry Skill Upgrades.
  • Don't freak out, ol bon being nice gave everyone their Level 18 Covert and Sentry upgrades, test out sabotage on these accounts, KoC_Admin, bonstest1 and UnholyMoly. Sabotage Charoits at max AAT and send KoC_Admin account your success/max attempts. enjoy!!!!
2022-04-24 09:29:08
Beta Sabotage Change.
  • Sabotage maximum attempts now set to 10, Revenge sabotage maximum attempts set to 3.
2022-04-19 00:11:10
Beta Trade Change.
  • Race and Commander changes now cost 2,500 Exp. enjoy!!!!
2022-04-19 00:11:10
Sabotage Fix.
  • Hoarding Sentries is now less effective during sabotage missions. Success ratio has also been adjusted. enjoy!!!!
2022-04-18 04:11:55
Long overdue change.
  • TFF is now calculated according to Attack Soldiers, Defense Soldiers, Untrained, Attack Mercs, Defense Mercs, Untrained Mercs for both Attacker and Defender. So no more hiding behind Attack Mercs to not lose lots of gold. enjoy!!!!
2022-04-17 07:17:54
Minor fixes.
  • All players given 1 Commander change.
  • Race changes set to 0 for everyone.
  • Alliance image upload has been fixed, all alliances were removed so feel free to create your alliance again.
2022-04-16 07:33:27
Welcome to Era 12 Beta.

Here are the new changes to the new beta.

  • Commander changed to 0 on start up.
  • Race changed to 0 on start up.
  • Unit Production has been removed, you will need to rely on Soldiers Per Turn to build your army.
  • SA and DA upgrades now have the same multiplier and levels.
  • 5m Weapons/Tools cost has been reduced to 2m gold and carry strength of 2,250.
  • Higher TFF vs Lower TFF %s adjusted, you will have to work that out for yourself.
  • Resale value of weapons/tools set to 40% of buy value.
  • Trade for turns has had a slight adjustment in turns received.
  • Trade for turns are now restricted to only 2 trade options.
  • Gold stolen via raiding a player has been increased by 20%.
  • Casualties from attacks/raids issue has been rectified, you will now suffer more losses when attacked.
  • Exp from raids increased from 15 win/5 loss to 25 win/15 loss.
  • Attacking now requires you to have 2.5% SA of the players DA and be within 400 ranks.
  • Gold and Exp from sabotage now requires 100m value to be sabotaged increased from 10m.
  • Sabotage AAT on a player has been reduced 20%, max % is unchanged so you now have more of a chance to sabotage before revenge sabotage kicks in.
  • Hostages will be taken randomly from Untrained, SA, DA, Spies and Sentries.
  • Hostages need to be healed before Sunday, if you do not heal them they will die, 100% hostage deaths every Sunday.

Feedback concerning these changes will be greatly appreciated

Test the changes, any issues or just want to discuss these changes join Discord Chat CLICK HERE. If you're not verified on Discord, message a moderator, get verified.

2021-12-17 23:08:14
Experience Upgrades/Tech Advisor
  • Tech, Econ and Safe can now only be upgraded on the Safe page. You will need to deposit the amount of experience needed to do so. You cannot use current EXP to upgrade ONLY banked EXP.
  • Tech Advisor is now on the Safe page under the Tech Upgrade.

New Admin messages

Admin messages are now located at the top of your Inbox. By clicking Admin at the top it will take you to the new Admin message page.

You might have also noticed the following image in the top right of the KoC screen:

This is NOT a virus link, we have added an alert that appears when we send every player in the game an Admin message. If you click the image above when it appears on your page it will direct you to the Admin mailbox. You will see what new additions/fixes we have added.

2021-12-06 10:00:00
Welcome to Era 11.

Here are the new changes to the new era.

  • War List page is almost completed, alliances can add/remove a player. More info page will be completed shortly
  • Farm List page will be completed in the next day or so.
  • New weapons/tools from the beta have been kept but at a lower cost/strength. Repairs and sabotage is working correctly.
  • Other game play changes for the beta have been reverted to normal era game play.

Lets's get this party Started!!

2021-10-31 08:00:00
Beta Era 11 has ended, Era 11 will be up and running shortly

We want to thank those who participated in Beta Era 11 to help keep this game going strong.

Era 11 will see some new changes that we introduced in the Beta.

Final Rankings have now been finalized and you can check where you finished below.

Congrats to the below for their effort in Beta Era 11!! (Top 5)

  • #1 Tusnek-RL
  • #2 MrWaffles
  • #3 Antennas
  • #4 aglassinthesink
  • #5 BloodPirate

Beta Era 11 Final Stats

Beta Era 11 Final Alliance Stats

Welcome to Era 11 Beta.

Here are the new changes to the Beta, there will be more to come as the Beta progresses.

  • Experience is capped at 30,000.
  • Safe page has had a new addition, Experience Safe. Once your Experience reaches 30,000, your EXP per turn will then automatically be deposited into the Experience Safe. It is still under construction, once finished you will be able to deposit EXP into the SAFE and EXP upgrades can then be done using Banked EXP.
  • Your Alliance page has been redesigned, there will also be Race and TFF added soon to your alliance buddies list. You will also notice the Farm and War list links at the top, currently under construction but will be added soon.
  • Spies and Sentries deaths have been reduced by 25% when you sabotage another player.
  • Casualties when attacked has been reduced by 50%.
  • Healing your Hostages are now cheaper from 5,000 to 3,500. Hopefully you won't let them DIE anymore.
  • Turn Based Gold has been increased for this Beta from 2x per turn to 5x per turn.
  • Much to everyone's enjoyment and quality of life on KoC we have now added Sabotage Again and Revenge Again. enjoy!!!!. Oh and to really make you happy we have auto calculated the AAT drop so you do not have to go back to the players attack page. double enjoy!!!!
  • Oh forgot to add, for this Beta, conquesting will give you 50 EXP each time and will not reduce, soldiers, weapons remain the same as last Era.

Lets's get this party Started!!

2021-10-31 09:32:13
Era 10 has ended, Era 11 Beta will be up and running shortly

We want to thank those who participated in Era 10 to help keep this game going strong.

Era 11 Beta will be sped up a lil to get the game going, there will be changes during this beta as well as alliance features added as we go. We hope you will all help with the testing and give feedback on Discord to help us decide what we will be keeping for Era 11.

Final Rankings have now been finalized and you can check where you finished below.

Congrats to the below for their effort in Era 10!! (Top 5)

  • #1 DaZ--RL
  • #2 Burntorc_FFLoP
  • #3 TheGodfather_LaCN
  • #4 Kaza
  • #5 CondeAvila

Honourable Mentions!

  • Top Ranked Alliance | #1 RelentlessLegacy
  • Smallest Army in Top 50 | #42 KillerK : 214,739 Orcs
  • Highest gold held at the end | #598 Main-RB : 145,729,488,445 Gold

Top player for each race

  • Humans #23 : yangmeister666
  • Dwarves #4 : Kaza
  • Elves #3 : TheGodfather_LaCN
  • Orcs #1 : DaZ--RL
  • Undead #52 : PaPaPostal
  • Hobbits #6 : CondeAvila

Era 10 Final Stats

Era 10 Final Alliance Stats

2021-09-25 10:51:18
Battlefield Update/Fix:

You may have noticed the Last DA/Gold/Time has changed somewhat, due to some issues with lag reported by players rolz made some changes to speed things up.

On our journey to make alliance scripts obsolete we have added another much needed addition to the game. Gold scans by alliance members now display where gold is displayed on the battlefield. For those without an alliance you still share this data with those also not in an alliance ;)

How does it work you ask, well when an alliance member or a solo player looks at the battlefield or navigates through the battlefield pages the gold is displayed in green in the Treasury column. If you can see a players gold it will appear in white in the Treasury column.

To help optimize the battlefield rolz also fixed the Last DA, it no longer shows last gold just DA and time. Since the last gold is now displayed in the Treasury column it was no longer needed.

2021-05-31 12:00:58
Era 10 will be starting shortly:

We are currently working on getting Era 10 ready. While you are waiting you can play the beta testing playground bon and rolz use to add changes to the game. There are a few bugs there and also the new Conquest page that will be used in Era 10. Use your Era 8 login details to sign in, didn't have an account in Era 8 just message bon on discord and he will set you up with an account. You can access the playground by clicking here bons playground.

Era 9 Final Ranks
2021-05-30 09:57:11 End of Era 9
Dear Players,

Congrats to the below for their effort in Era 9!! (Top 5)

  • #1 Chill-RL
  • #2 Alacron
  • #3 Influencer_DEMK
  • #4 JoeyLee
  • #5 Gammer

  • Honourable Mentions!

  • Top Ranked Alliance | #1 RelentlessLegacy
  • Smallest Army in Top 50 | #50 Dyna
  • Highest gold held at the end | #4 : JoeyLee 154,280,833,552 Gold

  • Top player for each race

  • Humans #8 Gmon3y-NGF
  • Dwarves #12 : KingBean
  • Elves #1 : Chill-RL
  • Orcs #2 : Alacron
  • Undead #13 : Elflord_NGF
  • Hobbits #3 : Influencer_DEMK

  • Era 9 Final Stats

    Era 9 Final Alliance Stats

2021-05-15 15:55:10
End of Era 9 delay:

Era 9 will end once we have completed finalizing Era 10 changes. We are very close to having everything ready for next Era, once we are ready there will be a 1 week timer announced. We apologize for the delay as sometimes you just need time to recover when you are unwell.

2021-02-11 10:09:46
Revenge Sabbs Bug Fix:
  • If you sabotage someone before they are maxxed 10x with any of the attempts successful, you do not get to revenge sabotage.
  • If you sabotage someone before they are maxxed and are unsuccessful in your 10 attempts and they sabotage you and they are maxxed, you do get to revenge sabotage them.
  • If someone that has been maxxed sabotages you, you can revenge sabotage them, but you cannot sabotage them for your 10 attempts if they become unmaxxed as you have already revenge sabotaged them.
  • Also Alliance Total Invested Value and Sell off Value is fixed.
2021-02-06 10:58:47
Added a few things over the last few days, thought I would let everyone know.
  • New commands have been added to #koc-stats, check out the statistics page to see the new commands, enjoy!!!!
  • Hall Of Shame page has finally been added to the game, you will find it in your Command Center next to the Hall Of Fame link. No longer will banned accounts be posted on the forum although you can still add inactive accounts to the banhammer thread on the forum.
  • Inactive Accounts has also been added to the game, you will find it in your Command Center next to the Hall Of Fame link. Accounts reported on the forum that are inactive will appear on this page if they are not eligible to appear on the Hall Of Shame.
  • Statistics page has made a welcome return. It is now the home of the #KoC-Stats commands that are available to be used on Discord. Remember if you want to use the #koc-stats bot join Discord, if you haven't already get your account verified so you can access the #koc-stats channel. All commands are to be used in the channel unless your alliance has the bot in their alliance Discord Server.
  • Alliance Value has now been added to Alliance pages. You can now see how your alliance stacks up against another Alliances Total Value and Sell Value.
  • Training page now shows you how much gold it will cost you to train all untrained soldiers to SA, DA, Spy or Sentries. Cost to heal Hostages is also displayed.
2021-01-30 09:28:01
Discord Statistics Game Bot
Kings of Chaos would like to introduce our new bot on discord named "KoC Stats".

KoC Stats will be available for all players using discord to access all these cool features that we have implemented with more to be added as we move forward. We invite everyone to come on discord, use KoC Stats and let us know what other features you would like to see implemented. This bot is available to all, NO SCRIPTS needed to access KoC-Stats, NO need to be in an alliance to use it, all info is available to all. There is no hiding stats from KoC-Stats!!!

Here is a list of some of the features available for use:-

  • Attack and Sabotage details for the past 24 hours.
  • Attack and Sabotage details for the past week.
  • Attack and Sabotage details for the past month.
  • Attack and Sabotage details for the whole era.

KoC Stats will also show you:-

  • Top 10 sabbers sorted by gold sabbed away.
  • Top 10 sabbers sorted by gold stolen during sabs.
  • Top 10 sabbers sorted by coverts killed during the missions.
  • Top 10 defenders sorted by gold sabbed from them.
  • Top 10 sabbed players sorted by gold lost during sabs against them
  • Top 10 sabbed players sorted by total coverts losses during sabs against them.

Alliances will be able to add KoC Stats to their alliance discord servers so all players in all alliances will be able to view game wide statistics. Hope to see all of you on discord, enjoy!!!!

All you have to do is join Discord Chat CLICK HERE. If you're not verified on Discord, message a moderator, get verified. #KoC-Stats channel will be available for everyone that is verified.

  • Help commands can be seen using main command: "k!help" to teach you what you can get info on using KoC-Stats
  • Help commands will be available to help you set up KoC-Stats to your own Discord Server.
  • #KoC-Stats channel to ask questions relating to KoC-Stats.

Hope to see all of you on discord, enjoy!!!!

2021-01-28 08:02:28
Always finding stuff to do.
  • Hall Of Fame page has finally been added to the game (yes squishy finallllly), you will find it in your Command Center next to the Memorial link. (currently some links are not working in the Alliance side but that will be rectified soon.)
  • Upgrade page Econ and Tech have swapped positions, this is inteded due to the new Tech Upgrade Calc that has been added underneath the Tech Upgrade. Want to know what your stats will be if you upgraded your next Tech level? Well now you will see what your stats will increase to. Enjoy!!
  • SAFE page has been fixed, it now updates your % gold deposited and the next upgrade when you upgrade. Also updates your gold withdrawl straight away.
  • Hostages Heal input has been fixed to clear the box when clear button has been clicked.
2021-01-25 13:04:30
Fixed a couple lil nasty bugs for ya. Not the shed though, Redback Spiders still have ownership.
  • Battlereport now shows you if you defended the attack/raid.
  • Battlereport now shows you if you lost the attack/raid.
  • Decimal point has been removed from raid battlereport and also armory.
2021-01-23 13:08:14
Added a few lil changes.
  • Previous/Next Ratings have been added under Military Effectiveness. Shows you what Rating is needed to gain a rank in each stat. You will notice your stats will increase in whatever stat you choose to increase while the Previous/Next Rating will only increase upon the next rank update.
  • Upgrades in the Help file has had a much needed revamp. No need to squint or increase the zoom on the page to see what each level consists of. Hope you like the new look.
  • Bug Fix - Player Recons for Econ and Tech has been fixed. You will see Tech/Level/Multiplier and Econ/Level/Gold per turn or you will see ???. No more missing details.
  • On a players Stats page you can now see their Signup time. Just shows others how long some have been playing with the same account.
2021-01-17 14:16:26
Another Update, I don't always say No.
  • Hostages Taken during an attack now shows in the battle report alongside gold stolen at the top.
  • Hostages Lost and Taken also now shown in the attack log page.
  • Hostages Lost all era are now logged in Hostages in personnel.
  • Hostages Taken during an attack are now removed from a defenders personnel.
  • Hostages Taken from raids have been removed. Hostages can only be taken from attacking.
  • Hostages Taken from attacking has been adjusted slightly, We will continue to monitor the amounts and adjust depending on how the era plays out.
  • Hostages Taken while attacking has had a change to how they are taken from Untrained, DA Soldiers and SA Soldiers. Untrained or Trained does not matter anymore, you will lose the same % intended.
2021-01-16 09:48:45
Just an Update.

We have made some additions to the game as with the rush to get the new Era underway there were some details that needed to be added once the Era had begun

  • Hostage Total has been added to player recons, you cannot see how many have been healed but you can see the total they have taken from attacking others. Could the Hostages Total be all healed or left there for future if needed, who knows.
  • Max 10 attempts to Sabotage has been fixed.
  • Donor Status is now fully functional, you will see a player that has supported the game via donation on the players stats page. You will also see the shield in the buddy icons on the battlefield. This doesn't mean they get special treatment, Admins expect you to treat their account just like any other account in the game. No mercy.
  • Soldier per minute/turn upgrade levels, costs, and soldiers gained have been added to the KoC Upgrade section in the Help page.
  • Soldier per minute/turn has been added to player recons. You can now compare your level against others.
  • Soldier per minute/turn has been added to the command center in Military Overview.
  • Admins would like to remind everyone that multiple accounts are not allowed. Due to some changed gameplay we have seen more bans in the first few days of the Era than usual. For those new players just a reminder to visit the Help page to view the game rules.
2021-01-13 08:37:56
Welcome to Era 9.

Thanks to those that played the Speed Round. Sure it was not what everyone expected but it helped admins in going forward into Era 9. Check out below what's happening in Era 9.

  • CommanderUP has been removed this era.
  • New player protection has been reduced to 5 minutes. This way you can get started sooner.
  • Inactive accounts now are removed from the battlefield after 21 days.
  • Players will start with 3000 turns, 1000 soldiers,1x soldier per turn,1x commander change, 1x race change.
  • Race Bonuses have been taken back in time to only 1 bonus per race.
  • Sabotage success % has been changed to how it was in the Speed round.
  • Spy deaths have been added to sabotage.
  • Sabotage daily max per account has been reduced from 16.5% to 14%
  • Sabotage attempts maxxed at 10 per player per 24hrs
  • Sabotage if your spies are in prime condition can now be successful 10 out of 10 attempts.
  • Attacks per day 12 and Raids per day 15 per player
  • Successful attacks now receive 120 experience while defended attacks receive 10 experience.
  • Successful raids now receive 15 experience while defended raids receive 5 experience.
  • Hostages are now fully functional, you will take hostages while attacking, you will also have to heal those hostages before they become untrained soldiers.
  • Yes, it is in finally. REVENGE SABBS. When a players is maxxed from sabotages and they sabotage you, you can revenge sabotage them.
  • Lastly and what you have all been waiting for, TRICKLE and RECRUITING has been removed from the game. Soldiers per turn has been implemented to takes its place. It's a major change but one that the admins feel was necessary in moving forwards with KoC.
2020-12-31 12:04:09
Some changes for the remainder of the Speed Round.
  • Attack log page now shows you if you attacked or were attacked by.
  • Trade page now shows your Current Turns at the top.
  • Hot key fix has been implemented, more changes to combat those automating processes will be added.
  • Sabotage AAT has been increased to 2x.
  • Sabotage max daily limit has been increased to 33%.
2020-12-31 12:04:09
Happy New Year to those in AussieLand.
  • Sabotage logs have been cleaned up to make it look a lil nicer.
  • Sabotage success % has been changed. Test as you wish to find the best amount of spies to send and weapons/tools to sabotage to maximize successful attempts.
  • It now shows Maxed on a players Stats page when you have attempted 10 sabotage missions.
  • A successful sabotage mission now steals 25% gold from a player
2020-12-29 02:45:52
Change to Sabotage.
  • When sabotaging another player you now kill spies as well as sentries.
  • More changes to come.
2020-12-25 17:15:07
Merry Christmas to all.

New weapons added.

  • New SA/DA/SPY/SENTRY weapons have been added, enjoy!!!.
2020-12-21 00:29:17
Few Changes.

So we have made a couple changes to start off.

  • Attacking now costs 70 turns.
  • Morale given for clicking is now 300 instead of 10.
  • Gold rushes and turns given come in automatically.
  • Conquest now give 50 exp max regardless of how many times you have completed a level.
  • Your SAFE can now hold 10 Billion gold maximum.
  • Current Experience now shows at the top of your Upgrade page.
  • Attack and Raid has been split so you can attack someone 50x and raid someone 15x per 24hrs.
  • Attacks receive 500 exp and Raids receive 250 exp. enjoy!!
  • New players that sign up now receive 20,000 soldiers every 10 minutes until they accumulate 2m soldiers. Welcome to KoC.
  • Extra Tech levels have been added in the upgrade page. Gotta get 'em all.
  • Stay tuned for more

Era 8 Final Stats and Era 8 Alliance Stats have been posted.

Era 8 Honorable Mentions:

  • Congratulations
  • 1st : RelentlessDragon-RL (Dwarves)
  • 2nd : Dank (Orcs)
  • 3rd : TheGodFather_LaCN (Undead)

Other Honorable Mentions:

  • Top Ranked Alliance | #1 FFLOP | GLD
  • Smallest Army in Top 50 | #46 HaYnZ
  • Smallest Alliance in top 5 | DEMK
  • Highest gold held at the end | #698 : Bullah 45,481,864,064 Gold
  • Top Clicker Janky (TUE)| 268,176 clicks

Top Players for each race:

  • Humans #12: GmoneyNGF
  • Dwarves #1 : RelentlessDragon-RL
  • Elves #22 : fen
  • Orcs #2 : Dank
  • Undead #3 : TheGodFather_LaCN
  • Hobbits #15 : Blash-ToF

2020-12-20 04:23:13
Welcome to Beta/Speed Round.

Well Era 8 has come to a close, let the fun begin. We will be running this Beta/Speed round over Christmas and New Years to give everyone a break from Era 9.

During this round we will be testing new features and making changes to in game mechanics. This is not a serious Era so we would hope you will enjoy it. Yes GOLD RUSHES will happen, there will be no set times so you will need to keep a look out for all the extra gold for you to steal. Hostages will come into play, how many you can take during a raid/attack is yet to be finalized but that is what this Beta/Speed Round is for. Other additions will be added during the round so keep an eye out for them.

  • Economic costs have been reduced by 50%, you can see the new costs on the Help page under KoC Upgrades.
  • Experience per turn upgrade costs have been increased.
  • New SA, DA, Spy and Sentry Weapons/Tools have been added.
  • Sabotage attempts have now been lowered to 10 attempts per 24hrs with the possibility of 10 successful attempts. We will be working on the formula during this beta/speed round.
  • Players will receive only 1 Commander/Race change.
  • For this speed/beta round players will be able to recon up to 35x in 24hrs, raid up to 15x in 24hrs, attack up to 25x in 24hrs on a single player.
  • Players that have donated are now recognized on their stats page. Donators do not receive anything in game, donations go towards server costs/prizes and is appreciated.
  • Just a reminder, if you signed up without adding an email to your account you will not receive an email if you wish to delete your account. To speed up the sign up process you do not need to add an email but we would advise you to add an email in your command center in the event you ever want to leave us.

Era 8 Final Rankings/Alliance Rankings and other stats will be posted in due time.

2020-12-10 21:27:08
Era 15 BETA will end in.. 10 months, 2 weeks, 2 days, 4 hours, 27 minutes and 29 seconds

As you can see in the Game Time box the end of Era 8 now has an end timer. Once the era ends you will all be invited to the Beta/Speed 9 round. There will be no set time on how long it will last but we hope you all enjoy the round and use this time also to spend time with your families over the Christmas/New Years break. Once we are happy with changes ready for Era 9 we will announce an end to the Beta/Speed 9 round and will officially launch Era 9. Good luck.

2020-11-17 20:12:01
Admin Rant

Kings of Chaos has the most active admins that players could only dream about on a game. We help players in numerous ways often immediately, although bugs we tend to take a bit longer as we need to work out what is causing it. No one likes bugs to be exploited but lately it seems that some bugs have not been reported. If you think you have found a bug there is a channel on Discord where you can report it or you can report it to an admin account ingame, you can find KoC_Admin and rolz account ingame and let us know if you have found a bug it is appreciated to those that do so.

Bug Fixes

  • Dwarves Spy Bonus removed. Some of you might have noticed a drop in your spy if you were Dwarves. Dwarves did not have a Spy Bonus yet it was still there from last Era, my mistake for not removing it. Regardless those that worked out there was a Spy Bonus for Dwarves should have immediatly notified me to let me know instead of abusing the bug.
  • Gold Stolen via Saboatge is now back to 5% per sabb. When we fixed the issue of 0 Covert Level not losing gold via Sabotage it threw a bug where the gold stolen from sabotage became % gold stolen based on Covert Level. That has now been rectified.
  • Also Gold Stolen via sabotage has been changed from 10m value of weapons/tools of 600 strength and above to 10m value of all weapons. Players can no longer hide behind not losing gold from sabotage if they purchase smaller weapons/tools.
2020-11-07 05:51:41
Race Color Changes

We have implemeted more eye friendly color text to certain races. Humans, Dwarves, Undead & Hobbits now have text color to match their race color. If the site has not updated the color change for your race then force refresh either by shift+refresh or ctrl+f5.

2020-11-02 07:14:32
Script Additions

While we appreciate alliances providing information for their alliance members, all of KoC should be able to have that information. You will see some interesting things being added as we progress with giving everyone the same benefits ingame.

  • Players can now view Last Recon gold on a players stats page provided by your alliance members. It is updated everytime that player is reconned by an alliance member with timestamps so you know when it was updated.
  • Tech and Econ bonuses have been added to a players recon so you do not have to check the upgrades via the Help file to see their bonus.
  • A players projected income has been added to recons. You will now see their current TBG as well as expected for 15/30 min intervals.
Bug Fixes

  • Sell all your weapons/tools button has been added back to the bottom of the Armory page. There was an issue with the page jumping to the sell all input on mobiles and that has now been rectified. Enjoy!!
  • You can no longer add spaces to your username change in the Trade center. If you try it will give you an error message.
2020-10-25 08:59:11
Bug Fixes

  • Commander/Race change bug has been fixed, you can no longer go above the maximum amount.
  • Change Username feature is now enabled and working once again. You no longer have to wait for bon to change it for you.
  • Due to the Change username bug rolz decided to set everyone back to 1 username change credit. If you changed your name previously this Era you can now do so again.
2020-10-21 08:26:58
New Updates

  • Commander/Race change costs have been increased. It will now cost you 6000 exp for a commander change and 7500 exp for a race change.
  • Kings of Chaos has disabled the Mobile Optimization on the site for the time being. It caused too many issues with mobile devices and laptop/pc users.
2020-10-18 04:18:13
Mobile Optimization

  • Kings of Chaos has just upgraded to Mobile Optimization. If you have any issues jump on Discord and let us know.
2020-10-15 22:27:01
New Updates to KoC

  • Armory page has finally had the redesign that has been needed: Buy button/Repair button is larger to make it easier for you to bank that stolen goldies.
  • Purchase and Lost Weapon logs link has been be moved back to the Armory page under the Repair button.
  • Attack log page has been aligned so that Back/Next no longer moves as you navigate through your attack logs.
  • Server Lag: Well due to server lag we have made some adjustments. We have upgraded the server, fixed issues with Sabotage/Attack/Raid on a players attack page. We appreciate your understanding during this process so we can provide a faster experience for you all.
  • Statistics page/Lost Weapons logs will make a reappearance soon, we just want to make sure Server Lag is fixed before adding logging back into the game.
  • Server Load Averages are now displayed at the bottom of the Battlefield page so you can see how the server is hangling the load.
  • Forum Donation link is not working, a new Donation link is now provided at the bottom of this page for those that would like to support the game.
2020-09-14 10:56:25
New Changes, additions to come

  • Links clicked today added to Click Stats on Click Ranks page.
  • Purchase and Lost Weapon logs have been be moved to the base page.
  • Player Attack page has been decluttered.
  • Armory page lag has been fixed.
2020-09-11 16:23:14
New Changes, additions to come

  • Total Invested Value added to armory page.
  • Maximum Daily Sabotage loss added to armory page.
  • Purchase and Lost Weapon logs have been removed from the armory and will be moved to the base page above Previous Logins to speed up armory page loading times.
  • Your Attack rating has been added to the attack page.
  • Your Spy rating has been added to the attack page.
  • Max Sentry rating you can recon has been added to the attack page.
  • Max Sentry rating you can sabotage has been added to the attack page.
  • Your stats have been removed from the attack page as they were not needed to be shown.
  • Attack page will undergo a redesign soon, Personnel will be removed as it is not needed.
2020-09-03 09:45:55
How does RETREAT when attacking work?

We have implemented RETREAT when attacking players too powerful.

  • You need to have 1% SA of their DA to be able to attack/raid + your Rank has to be within 600 Ranks of the player you are going to attack/raid. You will not RETREAT.
  • If you have 1% SA of their DA and you are not within 600 Ranks of the player you are going to attack/raid you will RETREAT
  • As the ERA progresses the Rank aspect will be adjusted depending on the playerbase..
23rd August 2020
Welcome to Era 8! A new battlefield awaits you!

Good luck, but most importantly, have fun!

Era 8 Changes

  • Race Bonuses have been changed.
  • Countdown Timer has been removed. We will end the era when we want to.
  • Accounts will go inactive after 30 days.
  • Safe Gold has been removed from spy reports.
  • Commander UP changed from 20% to 30%.
  • Maximum Conscription increased to 25,600.
  • Spy to Sentry ratio on sabbs changed from 1:2 to If you have 100m spy you can sab up to 170m sentry.
  • Max Attack/Raid per day reduced from 18 to 12.
  • Recons per player increased from 18 to 25.
  • Sabotage max daily losses changed from 22.5% to 16.5%.
  • New player protection changed from 1 hour to 15 minutes..
  • Attacks now cost 120 turns for full attack.
  • Spy and Sentry level 18 added.
  • Experience per turn costs have been increased.
  • Commander and Race changes set to 1, if you want more trade for them.
  • Maximum Sabotage attempts set to 25 daily.
  • Conquest has 2 new levels.
  • Players can change their username once per Era via Trade.
  • SA and DA upgrades added.
  • Retreat on attacks, up to you to work out how it works.

Good Luck everyone, have fun.

Era 7 Final Ranks
2020-08-21 09:57:25 End of Era 7
Dear Players,

Congrats to the below for their effort in Era 7!! (Top 5)

  • #1 Drama-
  • #2 RelentlessLegacy
  • #3 qiraL-
  • #4 Squishy_LoP
  • #5 The_RMFz

  • Honourable Mentions!

  • Top Ranked Alliance | #1 FFLOP | GLD
  • Smallest Army in Top 50 | #48 Killerclown_DEMK
  • Smallest Alliance in top 5 | RelentlessLegacy
  • Highest gold held at the end | #3 : qiraL- 10,824,247,846 Gold
  • Top Clicker | jfl88888 #551 365,655 Clicks | La Cosa Nostra

  • Top player for each race

  • Humans #65 : Marac-of-ShedoniaNWO
  • Dwarves #10 : Wizard
  • Elves #1 : Drama-
  • Orcs #5 : The_RMFz
  • Undead #6 : Alpatsjino-RB
  • Hobbits #2 : RelentlessLegacy

  • Biggest Turk Award | #7 : HoTiX-SR
  • Runner Up Turk Award | #6 : Alpatsjino-RB

  • Era 7 Final Stats

    Era 7 Final Alliance Stats

June 2020-06-29 08:56:41
Changes to your alliance page

When you visit your alliance page you will notice the following.

  • Alliance info has been changed to make it fit better with the page.
  • Alliance wide message box has now been moved to the left of the page to stop multiple boxes appearing when you click next and back.
  • Disband your alliance has now been placed at the bottom of the page so that you cannot accidently disband your alliance.
June 2020-06-12 02:49:56
KoC Memorial Page

You might have noticed on the Command Center KoC Memorial in yellow text, you can click on it and it will take you to the KoC Memorial page. The page has been created to remember those that have played alongside you all that are no longer with us. It would be appreciated if you remember a player not listed that has passed away and would like their name added to the page, pop on discord and message bon or Gizmo and we will add the name ASAP.

GoFundMe page for The_Sovereign

As you are all well aware, I sent a gamewide Admin message to let everyone know that a GoFundMe was set up for The_Sovereign. At the time of this update the page has received $6,630 raised of $10,000 goal towards financial cost of the hospital and hospice care along with funeral costs. I am absolutely staggered to see what this community has done to rally behind the family of our player and friend. Although the total so far isn't all from this great community we can be happy we have all helped out in his family's time of need.

June 2020-06-04 21:02:40
New Upgrades & Training Page

You might have noticed that there is a new Upgrades link in the menu list. We have been working on having all upgrades on the same page with a new addition of an upgrade calculator. Also you will notice that Training Troops and buying Mercs are now on the Training link in the menu list. So to clarify:

  • Upgrades all available on Upgrades link in menu list.
  • Upgrade Calculator added to Upgrades link in menu list.
  • You can now see when it is beneficial to upgrade and what your stats will increase when doing so.
  • Training Troops & buying Mercenaries are now on the Training link in the menu list.

Hope you enjoy the updated pages. We will continue to work on making the game look great and navigating the site so much easier.

May 2020-05-27 08:31:17
KoC's 2 Year Anniversary.

Well today is the day, KoC's 2 year anniversary. We would like to thank everyone for their continued support as such we have decided to give a few gifts to players as a celebration of where we have come from and where KoC is going.

  • 20,000 soldiers have been added to your untrained soldiers.
  • 2,000 turns has been added.
  • 2,000 experience has been added.
  • 1 Race change and 1 Commander change has been added.
  • 250,000,000 gold has been added to your safe.

Hope you enjoy the gifts!

April 2020-04-28 11:09:46
Just a few small changes.

  • Exp Per Turn added to player recons.
  • Rules and Ban List links added to your Command Center.
  • Rank #1, #2, #3 added to the top of your Command Center.
  • Top Clicker from previous Era added to top of Click Ranks page.
  • Page header added to most pages.
  • Playername added to players Stats page at the top.
  • Click Ranks page a lil more colorful.

April 2020-04-22 10:51:37
Intel File Update.

  • Recons, Sabotages now have timestamps in details. You can now see the exact time initial recons, sabotages were performed.

April 2020-04-20 13:55:56
Yes I know, no changes during an Era, but this had to be done!

Exp per turn costs have been adjusted.

  • Level 1 : 50m was 100m.
  • Level 2 : 150m was 200m.
  • Level 3 : 400m was 350m.
  • Level 4 : 600m was 550m.
  • Level 5 : 800m was 750m.

April 2020-04-20 08:23:40
Welcome to Era 7! A new battlefield awaits you!

Good luck, but most importantly, have fun!

Era 7 Changes

DA multiplier has been changed.

Resell value has been lowered to 65% for Weapons and Tools

Ebony Platemail strength reduced to 600 from 640

Welcome to Era 7! A new battlefield awaits you!

Good luck, but most importantly, have fun!

Era 6 Final Stats and Era 6 Alliance Stats have been posted.

Era 6 Honorable Mentions:

  • Congratulations
  • 1st : LancelotNL (Dwarves)
  • 2nd : BigBubba-RL (Hobbits)
  • 3rd : Aronnas-RB (Elves)

Top Alliance: Cerberus

Top Humans: theunclefromhell (36)
Top Undead: AnyDank (16)
Top Dwarves : LancelotNL (1)
Top Orcs : Lady_Rowan (10)
Top Elves : Aronnas-RB (3)
Top Hobbit : BigBubba-RL (2)
Smallest army in the top 50 : Klaymor (46)
Most Clicks : Brandonito 218,644
Most Conquests : Napox - 5,605
And without a doubt we cannot forget Unranked-RL (DaZ-RL) who appeared on the battlefield this era.

Race Populations
Orcs 608 14%
Elves 624 15%
Humans 1,761 42%
Dwarves 511 12%
Undead 659 16%
Hobbits 29 1%
Goblins 6 0%
Total 4,198
Current Users
Players Online 0%
Guests Online 3 75%
Total Online 4 0%
Battles Today
Type Total Success
Attacks 6,987 100%
Recons 134 66%
Sabotages 10 0%
Raids 23 91%
Conquests 2,226
Top 10 Alliances
Name Members Power
Shady Records 11 144
AI Unite 999 94
Human Rebellion 1,001 89
Social 10 19
The Last Alliance 1 13
Need More Turns 1 10
Cerberus 6 9
Onlyfans 2 9
BSS 3 9
ZiGZaG and Friends 1 6
Fiercest Alliances
Name Members Strength
Shady Records 11 145
AI Unite 999 86
Human Rebellion 1,001 79
Social 10 20
The Last Alliance 1 15
Stoutest Alliances
Name Members Fortitude
AI Unite 999 93
Human Rebellion 1,001 82
Shady Records 11 79
The Last Alliance 1 50
Onlyfans 2 38
Stealthiest Alliances
Name Members Stealth
Shady Records 11 106
Human Rebellion 1,001 101
AI Unite 999 99
LizVicious 1 17
Onlyfans 2 17
Most Vigilant Alliances
Name Members Alertness
Human Rebellion 1,001 101
AI Unite 999 100
Shady Records 11 77
Social 10 19
Cerberus 6 16
How are alliance ranks calculated?

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